Hey, Happy Halloween! I don't know about you but I don't think you can ever be too old to celebrate and transform into character for the day.

For a few weeks now I've been debating on what to dress up as this year. To be honest, I usually just default to wearing the flapper dress that I've had since middle school. Yes, I'm still a very similar size - mayyyybe a bit taller :)

I've actually been inspired a lot by the mermaid hair color trend and since I have a few mystical mermaid photos floating around in my inspiration folder, I decided it'd be pretty fun to give that a try this year. Not only that, but to also design and create the costume myself.

Sometimes I have no idea why I add these extra random projects to my already flooded scheduled. I call it a 'creative curse' - it's all good though. I like playing with fabrics that I typically might not. I picked up both the sequined and burlap fabrics at the Fashion District and created a quick bralette and skirt pattern, sewed them up and 'Bam' - instant mermaid - minus the seaweed. Ew.

So, as far as the hair goes - I've never ever dyed my hair and I wasn't about to. But I also really liked the idea of trying out the mermaid hair for fun. Luckily, I came across this stuff called Color Rub. It's basically like a chalk that is applied by rubbing it onto the hair. The best part is that it washes out the first time around. Best of both worlds.



31 Bits recently grew into a fancy new headquarters and their crew threw a little party to celebrate.

I seriously love the story behind 31 Bits and the way they've structured their brand. The jewelry company is based right here in Costa Mesa. Back in 2007, founder Kallie Dovel met a few women in Uganda making beautiful jewelry using paper beads. Wanting to help the women find an opportunity to sell the handmade accessories, Kallie spent time conceptualizing a brand that allowed them to do just that.

31 Bits gives back to the women in Uganda by providing them with more than just an income but also the opportunity for further education. In a country filled with poverty, 31 Bits empowers women and allows them to support their families and friends. What originally started out as 6 women designing and handcrafting this unique jewelry has now turned into nearly 100.

The entire headquarters was opened up for everyone to check out. The event had a lot of exciting stuff happening - food trucks, drinks, and a little bumpin' and grindin'. There was also the chance to take a gander at their new collection.

It's definitely a cool, local, inspiring story - find out more and take a peek at more of the goods at 31 Bits.



Over the weekend I headed up to LA and stopped by to see Retna's gallery show.

I first learned of Retna last year when I checked out MOCA's Art in the Streets exhibit. I really like his style and since then it's sort of stuck with me.

This skull is a small portion from one of his pieces - I thought it was pretty cool and different from his usual style of abstract graffiti hieroglyphics.

I was surprised and also loved that fact that he revamped the exterior of the Michael Kohn Gallery with a mural of his art.

So if you're going to check it out, do it soon - the exhibit is closing Oct. 27th. But you still have time, so go.



Last month, as soon as I finished filming with Kate Albrecht of Mr. Kate, I knew her video was going to be a tough one to edit.

There's simply too much good stuff. I'm not even sure how I made it through the style interview - Kate had me cracking up the whole time. In the midst of editing the vid I started pulling some clips aside and put together this little teaser to get everyone all excited - I know, I'm such a tease.

Anyway, it won't be long until you get see my full visit inside Kate's closet.





Vincent Thomas Bridge

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