The jet lag is gone.

I wanted to post photos from both Melbourne and Sydney and basically recap them separately. There's a lot to see and do in both cities, so here's a quick rundown of my favorite experiences in Melbourne.

The best iced coffee in the world lives at Auction Rooms. I was in heaven the whole time drinking this - they used honey blossom sugar or something. Who knows, but whatever it was amazing.

Spent an entire day driving along The Great Ocean Road. A drive that normally takes 4 hours to get to the 12 Apostles, ended up being closer to 7 with all the random stops along the way taking in the fresh air and exploring.

After a long gorgeous ride we made it to the 12 Apostles right as the sun was setting. It was perfect and oh so magical.

One of the things that I enjoy most about traveling is the spontaneity - I guess I talked about that a bit in my last post - but really that's how you get to know a city. I spotted a random Market from the bus and hopped off. There were a ton of gemstones and I couldn't help but take some of them home.

The hotel was pretty rad too - the Larwill Studio is a contemporary boutique hotel that was completely focused on art and inspirations from David Larwill. My kind of spot for sure.



Last weekend I made a solo trip to Arizona.

The 5 1/2 hour drive doesn't faze me. I even look forward to the time by myself with no agenda - to be alone with my thoughts, my music and the freedom to pull over on a whim to snap photos. I'm not worried about the time or where I am. The desert is truly my element.

Jocelyn Dress by Lira Clothing



I may have mentioned it before but I'm truly a graphic tee kind of girl.

Whether it's filming, editing videos, or designing you can usually catch me rocking some type of comfy tee. I like ones that are a little different and badass. That's my thing. Anyway, I wore this heathered graphic tee by Skyline Fever when I was traveling out in Arizona over the weekend. It fit in with my desert vibes perfectly.

Also, I just found out that Skyline Fever is donating $5 per shirt that is sold this week straight to a family in Napal that is in need due to the devastating earthquake. Check out their site here.



I'm Stateside once again.

If you've been following my adventures on instagram over the last week you probably know I've been Down Under. On a sentimental note, I've been incredibly grateful for what 2015 has brought on so far. Australia has been #1 on my travel list for as long as I can remember and I was living in a dream turned reality for over a week.

I started out in Melbourne and made my way to Sydney. Knowing that I would be asked which of the two I liked best, I tried to think about my answer. I really didn't have a favorite. They are both their own city and I enjoyed exploring them both equally. Melbourne for instance had this great River Walk in the downtown area. There were tons of super cute cafes and restaurants with the best outdoor patio seating (I'm a sucker for cute patios) lined up along the River. The architecture was almost futuristic in some ways - just very advanced.

Anyway, in case you forgot, it's going into Fall right now in Australia. But I couldn't help but bust out this cute little Spring number made by Lira. And it was the most perfect and beautiful day for it.