Recently I met Briana Ellison who owns a boutique and designs a jewelry line named Briana Rene.

After visiting with her at her store a few weeks ago, it was only fitting to meet up with her again at her home in Laguna Beach where her jewelry work station is set up. She began designing and handcrafting her jewelry line about 3 years ago and has since opened up her own boutique at the OC Mart Mix.

The store is super cute and well put together. She carries a bunch of great clothing and jewelry lines along with her own. I spoke to Briana about her buying process as she makes it out to MAGIC/PROJECT in Vegas twice a year to find the best new collections to fit her boutique.

Amazing custom wedding necklace

On top of everything else, Briana also creates custom wedding jewelry and designs some pretty unique pieces for bridal parties. I love this idea and think it'd be a pretty fun little niche to be in.

It was cool to not only see some of the pieces from her line, but to also check out her individual style and other influences. Her personal jewelry collection was pretty awesome and I love how she displayed it on her DIY crafted wall frame.

Anyway, pretty fun chatting it up with Briana - she's super talented and I'm excited for her and all the things that she has going on. Next time you're in Costa Mesa, make sure to pop into her store and say 'Hi'. Also, thanks to Karli for setting everything up.



So, last week I went to Laguna Beach for some tacos and the Pageant of the Masters.

First of all, it was a good combo - tried Taco Loco on PCH and it was pretty good - I'll be going back for sure. And Pageant of the Masters is a must. The last time I went was over 10 years ago, so I was excited to check it out again.

Basically, it's a show of 'living pictures' - paintings are recreated using real people. The sets and lighting are seriously incredible and the recreations look just like the original paintings except life size.

It's held in an outdoor amphitheater, so I made sure to bundle up in my beloved poncho.

I wish we had more time to walk through the art festival a little more beforehand - unfortunately, spent a bit too much time munching on tacos.

Anyway, my favorite part was the van Gogh segment. I definitely won't wait another 10 years to go again.



Found out recently that an old friend of mine now owns a vintage store called Modern Manor.

It's in the heart of Phoenix and I checked it out when I was there last. It's a really cool place and well curated. There was some great art that I found inspiring and also a super badass Indian motorcycle - so you really can't go wrong.

The warehouse has been around for a couple years and is owned by Kylie and her husband Ryan. Not only are they running the store, but they've also started a project building teddy bears using scrap vintage upholstery - which I thought was a pretty cool and unique idea.

Anyway, I spent a while looking at all the decor and details - these two have done a really great job with the setup and picking out pretty rad pieces. This is the place to go for a totally different find.



Even though I lived in Phoenix for years before making the move to Southern California, I never made it over to Roosevelt Row Arts District.

When I was back in AZ earlier this month I stopped by. First of all, it was really hot. I mean, really. I've sort of been missing the heat, except for at this point I didn't at all. Anyway, it was worth it - tons of little shops, art galleries and cafes.

Made boutique was pretty cool and there was actually a small art gallery, Eye Lounge, attached to it and currently on display is art by Lee Davis.

There's a ton of character in this neighborhood. Literally street, sidewalk and wall art everywhere - I couldn't stop snapping photos, even though I was melting in the heat.

So yeah, mark it on your 'Things To Do While In Phoenix' list.



Every first Sunday of the month Groves Antique Market is at the Great Park in Orange County.

I went for the first time this month and loved it. There are seriously so many things that I wanted (and I had a feeling, which is why I left my purse in the car). Vintage heaven - there was everything from jewelry to furniture and decor. All different price ranges too, which was pretty cool.

Ongoing search for the perfect locket

I was literally drawn to this booth in particular - it really spoke it me. Super well curated and some really great pieces. Anyway, it's run by this cute mother/daughter team and called 'Liz & Me' - check it out if you go.

Next time, I'm going to grab an antler or two. I'm pretty much convinced that it's a must.

Admittedly, I went back to the car so I could snag a few of these antique bottles. They were only $3 each though, so don't judge. Geez.