So, last week I went to Laguna Beach for some tacos and the Pageant of the Masters.

First of all, it was a good combo - tried Taco Loco on PCH and it was pretty good - I'll be going back for sure. And Pageant of the Masters is a must. The last time I went was over 10 years ago, so I was excited to check it out again.

Basically, it's a show of 'living pictures' - paintings are recreated using real people. The sets and lighting are seriously incredible and the recreations look just like the original paintings except life size.

It's held in an outdoor amphitheater, so I made sure to bundle up in my beloved poncho.

I wish we had more time to walk through the art festival a little more beforehand - unfortunately, spent a bit too much time munching on tacos.

Anyway, my favorite part was the van Gogh segment. I definitely won't wait another 10 years to go again.

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