Have you ever wondered what has happened to all of Vegas' old vintage signs?

Yeah, I know - me too. Apparently a lot of them are stored at this boneyard near Fremont Street.

A bunch of these signs have been either donated or rescued. It's kind of cool because some of them are from as far back as the 1930's.

Great color...

When I spotted this pile of signs all I could do was envision was how great it would look as a silk charmeuse pattern.

Anyway, I'm really glad that there's a little boneyard for retired neon signs. It made for a really fun/inspirational afternoon with all the colors and shapes.



So while we were out in Vegas for Magic we went to the Puma Motorsport After Party.

It was in a pretty cool little venue, just off the strip in a car tuning garage. The venue fit into Puma's Motorsport theme and also made for a nice, intimate setting.

When we got there Diplo had already started things off. I hadn't really heard of him before, but when I heard his sound I instantly thought his stuff would be perfect to listen to while working away on the computer late at night. (Plus I love the little brontosaurus that he brands on all his stuff.)

Anyway after Diplo, I was really excited because Santigold came out and performed. I've been a fan for a few years so to see her live was pretty cool especially in such a private venue.

Her set was super entertaining - for the last song she invited people up to the stage to dance. She seemed pretty chill and was having fun with the whole thing.

Anyway, very cool night in Vegas. Thanks to John and Victor from The ID Agency.



We went out to Vegas to the Magic and Project fashion trade shows recently.

I always really enjoy going, not only just to see what's new for the upcoming season, but there's also a bunch of great booth set ups and displays. We spent all of the first day at Project - the vibe was super creative. The second day we hit up Magic. There was a blogger panel there so we stopped and listened for a while. It was pretty cool - the topic was on social media and branding. Amongst some of the people on the panel was Lizzie Parker who's going to be on that new NBC reality show Fashion Star.

Being that Free People is one of my favorite brands, I had to check their booth out. Of course it was super well put together and cute, just like everything else they've got going on. We didn't get over to Platform - which was probably best since I have a sick obsession with shoes. Apparently I didn't get enough fashion at the show, so we headed over to Crystals at City Center. I hadn't had a chance to check it out yet. It was pretty cool and filled with luxury brands, etc. Oh by the way, speaking of City Center, the Aria has this awesome little dessert shop called Jean-Philippe Patisserie. I was lured in by both the desserts and the cuteness of whole place.