Every once and a while you need to push the boundaries a little bit.

Recently, my main girl Amanda (feastfashionfaves) and I hit the road and did just that. Having both share the same affinity for creating and exploring new territories, we decided to document our adventures in Arizona. I threw a tripod and some of my camera gear in the car and off we were. Even though it was a bit tricky running the camera and being in front of the lens at the same time, I was up to the challenge and really happy with how this short film came out.

This was the ultimate girls trip and to be able to share my hometown with Amanda was pretty special. Prior to our getaway, Amanda and I had already been close but afterward I felt like we truly bounded over our passion to create, strategize businesses and analyze fashion (and of course the usual gossiping and boy talk).

As you can probably imagine, we spent most of the time laughing - so look forward to a short blooper reel from our trip coming soon.



Once again, I made the rounds at the bi-annual Las Vegas fashion tradeshows.

I turned it into a long weekend and spent some time in the desert soaking up the heat, laying by the pool sipping skinny margaritas and eating at my fave LV brunch spot, EAT.

Anyway, I mainly checked out this season's Project Women's and scooped some of the new goodness that brands like Flynn Skye, Nightcap and Jen's Pirate Booty were showing. Look forward to a lot of great boho vibes, lace and even sorbet colors in the mix for SS16.



A couple weeks back I spent the day with the most important person in my life.

When we first met he asked me what my ideal day looked liked, I replied 'Exploring, creating art and taking photos'. Here we are 4 years later spending most of our days doing just that.

On this particular outing, we hit up a cute little cafe in LA for lunch, peeked in our favorite antique furniture shop and then roamed around the Griffith Observatory snapping photos all afternoon. I was happy to finally knock the Griff off our list of about a billion places we want to see together. Anyway, these are the exact kinds of days that make extremely happy, fulfilled and grateful.



I really dropped the ball on this one.

Chicago slipped my mind and I forgot to post some of my fave images from the trip. Back in May a bunch of friends and I headed to the Midwest for a little Memorial Day Weekend fun in Wisconsin and Chicago.

Sadly, I don't really have any photos from the lake in Wisconsin. I think it's because I was truly present while I was there. Growing up as a kid my family and I would take trips to the lake for summer vacation and it was always so peaceful and serene. I experienced that all over again while staying at a friends cabin on Cedar Lake. We spent our days there BBQing and boating. I spent as much time on that boat as possible and by the end of it I didn't want to leave.

Although, it wasn't too terrible to be pulled away to go to Chicago afterward. It was my second time in the Windy City and it had been about 15 years. So this time around I really had a strong appreciation for the city and what it has to offer. It's super clean, there's great shopping and restaurants AND boat tours. I really loved the boat tour.