Every once and a while you need to push the boundaries a little bit.

Recently, my main girl Amanda (feastfashionfaves) and I hit the road and did just that. Having both share the same affinity for creating and exploring new territories, we decided to document our adventures in Arizona. I threw a tripod and some of my camera gear in the car and off we were. Even though it was a bit tricky running the camera and being in front of the lens at the same time, I was up to the challenge and really happy with how this short film came out.

This was the ultimate girls trip and to be able to share my hometown with Amanda was pretty special. Prior to our getaway, Amanda and I had already been close but afterward I felt like we truly bounded over our passion to create, strategize businesses and analyze fashion (and of course the usual gossiping and boy talk).

As you can probably imagine, we spent most of the time laughing - so look forward to a short blooper reel from our trip coming soon.

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