As you may already know, a couple weekends ago, I made a last minute decision to hit up Palm Springs.

On another spontaneous note, I released this crop top on my brand's site - 16thColony.com. Besides ponchos, I design so much of my regular clothes and had been thinking about putting some of those designs out into the wild. So I just went for it. They're a super limited edition, one-off design and it doesn't belong to a specific collection, but that's the beauty of not having to follow the rules.

I love that it's light, flowy and perfect for Summer days. I chose to name it the 'Monsoon' for that reason. Growing up in Arizona, my favorite part about Summer was the Monsoon thunderstorms. I'd sit on my patio and watch the lightening and the storm with my friends.

Anyway, I stayed at the Alcazar boutique hotel, aka - my favorite place. It was the perfect last minute getaway and ever since I got back I've been working non-stop, so I'm actually already daydreaming about getting back there soon. Fingers crossed.

Crop Top - 16th Colony, Shorts - Thrifted



Happy Hump Day!

Are you starting to nail down your weekend plans? Because on Friday I'm hosting a trunk show at Isla Boutique in Laguna Beach. Everyone's invited to come hang out, sip on some wine and sneak in some dessert. Obviously, a whole display of ponchos will be at the event. I'm actually giving a little sneak peek of one of our new Fall styles though - so be prepared to see some newness!



Whoa, I've been meaning to post these photos for the last week. Oops.

Anyway, on the way to Palm Springs I made a little detour to finally check out the Dinos in Cabazon. I spent my college years driving back and forth to Arizona super often to see my friends and family. Every time, I'd be on the 10 and would pass by these gigantic dinosaurs and think how fun it'd be to stop off.

This time it happened and the excitement of going to Palm Springs on a whim made it all that much better. The mood was light and it felt like vacation. I had the camera in my hand most of the trip and was inspired to capture the feeling.

I took this guy home. Had to.

More Palm Springs pics to come soon. Side note, a lot of my outfit was thrifted: the shorts, hat and sunnies. Although, the lace off the shoulder top was designed by yours truly.

Also, Kings of Leon was played a lot during the trip, so I found it only appropriate to post.



It was decided last minute that Palm Springs was in order last weekend.

So, naturally first thing that came to mind was making some homemade sangria to take with and sip on by the pool.

I've yet to blog a cooking type post (not that making sangria qualifies as cooking). This is probably because I don't really cook. And trust me, my mom isn't that thrilled about my lack of knowledge around the kitchen. But hey, I'm busy - I stick to the basics: salads, smoothies, sangria.

Anyway, here's the recipe I used to make this fine white wine cocktail.

1 Bottle of white wine

1 1/2 ounces triple sec

1 1/2 cups Kerns Nectar juice (I chose Mango)

Just a bunch of fruit - I cut up oranges, strawberries and pineapple

Throw all that fruit in a pitcher with your drink concoction. Let it sit in the fridge over night so that everything soaks together all nicely.

To be honest, I didn't even know how to cut a pineapple correctly - I had to google it. Yikes.

It was all worth it though - this was the perfect, most refreshing drink to have in the 100 degree heat that Palm Springs had to offer.

Top - c/o Black Swan Clothing



I can never get enough sun.

Anytime I have the chance to get to the beach or a pool, I'm there. When I was visiting back home in AZ, I made sure to take advantage of the warm sunny days - along with some new awesome sun friendly products.

I really liked the Goldfaden Sun Visor mist, in particular. This stuff is great to apply over your make-up - which really came in handy one of the days that I had an hour to kill in the pool before meeting up with my bestie. My make-up was still fresh. Although, my hair was probably another story - that's typical though.

I just decided to make a spontaneous trip to Palm Springs this weekend and the Sun Visor mist will definitely be in tow.

Hope you all have a great summery weekend!

Thanks to Matte Black for gifting the perfect Summer essentials!



On this particular day, I ran wild and free at the beach.

I chased the waves up until the sun set.

I've been frequenting the beach a lot lately. It's a combination of Summer arriving and finding some peacefulness during the quiet moments between my work schedule. This coming week is packed with meetings and I'll also be making my way back down to Laguna again to shoot a film and some photos for a client. I'm secretly hoping to slip away afterward, right before sunset. Maybe chase a few more waves.

Dress - Black Swan Ophelia Dress, Flower Crown - Gardenhead



Around the house

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I make dresses too

Fall fabric has arrived

Hanger Shortage Style Interview Vid - Jenavieve

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