The creative juices were flowing the other day...

I decided to bust out the Lumi Inkodye. We got this stuff a few months backs and since then I've been waiting for the perfect project to use it on.

Lumi is a light sensitive dye created by this cool chick, Jesse Genet, who just wanted to come up with a unique tool for transferring images onto fabric. The dye is clear as it is applied to your object, but once it's exposed to the sun, it changes color and appears within minutes - pretty awesome.

Anyway, I really wanted to design a super fun top to wear to the beach this summer. After putting the shirt together, I designed a funky little tribal inspired pattern to be painted on the front.

Check it out for yourself.



So, I heard about Scrap a while ago and have been dying to check it out in person.

It's this crazy little creative center in the Bay Area that sells re-useable materials. It's like a garage sale on crack. There's tons of different fabrics, buttons and other trims - super cheap too.

I was roaming around for so long looking at every little thing since there's such a random assortment of stuff. It was definitely fun letting my mind run wild thinking of all of the things I could create with some of these weird things.

This pretty much sums it up.

I walked out of there with 2 bags of stuff - can't wait to put it to use in some of my upcoming projects.



I had such a blast up north in San Fran last weekend.

There was a ton to cover in just a few short days, but I'm pretty sure most of the important stuff was checked off the list. Of course popping into boutiques and art galleries, eating too much food and taking tons of pics were taken care of.


I have to admit that finding this random candy shop, Z'Cioccolato, pretty much made my day. I didn't hesitate to grab a handful of Smarties and a Ring Pop.

There was no agenda for the trip and I really liked it that way - it made room for little detours down back alleys to admire some graffiti art and get inspired on a whim.

Don't sweat it - there's more San Fran coverage to come.



So I went back to Spotted Moth the other day.

When I was in Downtown Orange a couple weeks ago I stopped by this boutique to check it out and I was super impressed with the build out, vibe and the clothes. Everything was so perfectly thought out. Although, I pretty much expected that since their website is just as great.

I wanted to head back over so I could chat it up with Christina, the boutique manager. I really enjoyed hearing her story about how Spotted Moth began and we talked about how their branding and merchandising for the store all sort of came together.

I seriously love all the attention to detail - check out these cute hang tags.

Scored this rust/cream leopard print dress

Anyway, I think you get the point - if you're looking to score some super cute stuff head over to Orange Circle. Oh, and don't forget to grab a cookie at the Blue Frog Bakery over there - I hear they're pretty tasty.