I had such a blast up north in San Fran last weekend.

There was a ton to cover in just a few short days, but I'm pretty sure most of the important stuff was checked off the list. Of course popping into boutiques and art galleries, eating too much food and taking tons of pics were taken care of.


I have to admit that finding this random candy shop, Z'Cioccolato, pretty much made my day. I didn't hesitate to grab a handful of Smarties and a Ring Pop.

There was no agenda for the trip and I really liked it that way - it made room for little detours down back alleys to admire some graffiti art and get inspired on a whim.

Don't sweat it - there's more San Fran coverage to come.

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  1. cute looks!! love that casual maxi in your last phot! xoxo linds ((www.rubygirlblog.com))