It was that time of summer again - I was out last week at MAGIC/PROJECT in the Vegas desert heat.

I actually headed out a couple days early to soak up the sun. The first night I checked out a little boutique hotel called Rumor. It was pretty cool - it's close to The Strip and right across from the Hard Rock. I really liked the room decor a lot. It was nice - just no casino : /

I hit up PROJECT the first day and met with Rebecca Michaels at her booth and checked out her collection. Rebecca is the designer/owner of Violet Love Brands and originally started out designing cute headbands and then evolved into the apparel side of the industry.

I also ran into Rachel Anne at the Black Sheep booth. That booth was crazy - it was literally swamped with buyers. That line is definitely taking off. But I guess I'm not surprised - I mean, I personally fell in love with the brand when I first saw it at PROJECT in February.

Anyway, I always look forward to checking out PROJECT and all the brands, trends, and people. Stone_Cold_Fox was there with Beach Riot and they had such a cute set up. I love that these two brands teamed up and did a swimwear collab together - it turned out really awesome.

It may be 'work' during the day but come on! It's Vegas - I had to spend some time at the casino :) The rest of the time I stayed at Palms Place, which I don't even know why I'm divulging this secret, but it's seriously so nice and it's not even that expensive - yet... (you're welcome)

Day two was MAGIC. I was pretty excited to have the new Willow & Clay collection shown to me. Their line is really well done and there are a few cool unique designs coming out - I can't wait.

I also got a little preview of the Lost For Her line. I really love their combinations of lace and denim. Anyway, a special Thanks to Erika at Shout PR who helped set everything up.

OK Vegas, see you in February - XOXO



Last month, I a took a couple of much needed days off from the madness and made a little drive down to Palm Springs.

It was seriously like an oven over there, so a lot of time was spent in the pool, shopping and sipping on Mimosas - and I'm okay with that. I hadn't really had the chance to spend any time in Palm Springs before this, but it was super relaxing and it definitely won't be the last time. The Alcazar is by far the most perfect boutique hotel I've been to. The whole feel of the place was really inspiring and I felt so free.

Anyway, instead of sharing photos like usual, I cut together a little video recap - Enjoy.



So hey, there's a new vid that's about to hit soon.

Rachel Anne Rainwater and I met up a few weeks ago. We of course chatted about her style and also what it's like designing for Lost's contemporary line Black Sheep.

Here are a few images to hold you over.



I'm really excited to have launched the style interview video with Cyd and Dallas of Stone Cold Fox.

Check the vid and get inspired - We're also running a fun little contest and giving away a SCF Guerrilla Crop to one lucky babe.

Follow @stone_cold_fox and @hangershortage on Instagram and fill out the entry form on the Stone Cold Fox style interview page.

Good Luck



Last week I headed over to Agenda in Long Beach.

It was pretty cool this year. I really like wandering the show - there's definitely a really fun, chill vibe.

There were a ton of things to check out and a lot of great products and designs. I really liked the stuff that Wonderland was putting out - the Stateline and Beaumont sunglasses are super cute. Also, there were some pretty rad watches from Komono that I would like to personally have on my wrist.

Anyway, the show was fun and definitely got me pretty excited to head out to Vegas for MAGIC/PROJECT at the end of the month. See ya there.



I'm constantly snapping photos everywhere I go.

It's really to the point where my friends give me curious looks and I'm yelling at my mom to not move the ice cream, because I've already positioned it perfectly (just kidding - I would never yell at my mom).

But seriously, I hold up the show a lot just because I want the pic. For me it actually kind of helps slow life down just a bit. I end up really appreciating the moment that I'm in. My life is too fast paced and busy as it is - I mean the months literally fly by and I have no idea how. So, anyway I've decided that since there are so many fun photos I don't share via twitter or instagram (I don't want to bombard you, geez) and I'd like to start posting the 'outtakes' from each month. Enjoy.

AZ Fourth of July

Modern Manor Art

Weekend Mornings

Alcazar - Palm Springs


Fabric Picking - L.A. Fashion District

Bottomless Mimosas

I really miss this

Sabor x Revok - Known Gallery