It was that time of summer again - I was out last week at MAGIC/PROJECT in the Vegas desert heat.

I actually headed out a couple days early to soak up the sun. The first night I checked out a little boutique hotel called Rumor. It was pretty cool - it's close to The Strip and right across from the Hard Rock. I really liked the room decor a lot. It was nice - just no casino : /

I hit up PROJECT the first day and met with Rebecca Michaels at her booth and checked out her collection. Rebecca is the designer/owner of Violet Love Brands and originally started out designing cute headbands and then evolved into the apparel side of the industry.

I also ran into Rachel Anne at the Black Sheep booth. That booth was crazy - it was literally swamped with buyers. That line is definitely taking off. But I guess I'm not surprised - I mean, I personally fell in love with the brand when I first saw it at PROJECT in February.

Anyway, I always look forward to checking out PROJECT and all the brands, trends, and people. Stone_Cold_Fox was there with Beach Riot and they had such a cute set up. I love that these two brands teamed up and did a swimwear collab together - it turned out really awesome.

It may be 'work' during the day but come on! It's Vegas - I had to spend some time at the casino :) The rest of the time I stayed at Palms Place, which I don't even know why I'm divulging this secret, but it's seriously so nice and it's not even that expensive - yet... (you're welcome)

Day two was MAGIC. I was pretty excited to have the new Willow & Clay collection shown to me. Their line is really well done and there are a few cool unique designs coming out - I can't wait.

I also got a little preview of the Lost For Her line. I really love their combinations of lace and denim. Anyway, a special Thanks to Erika at Shout PR who helped set everything up.

OK Vegas, see you in February - XOXO

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