It was decided a month ago that Amanda of FeastFashionFaves, Dee of Swell Beauty and I collaborate together on a photoshoot.

Together we made magic happen in the desert of Joshua Tree using the ponchos from my line 16th Colony. Amanda and I elaborately discussed the mood/vibe which turned out to be basically a Desert Goddess of Mystery. Dee came in and made the idea come to life with her major skills in the hair/make-up department. The simple fact that it was a no pressure shoot and 3 girls trekking it to the desert for fun and creativity was that best part of this shoot. Truly an amazing collab, with talented girls.



This Saturday!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be at Prism Boutique on Saturday with my line 16th Colony for 'Small Business Saturday'. Sip on bubbly and snack on delicious cupcakes as you browse around. I'll have an entire rack of ponchos there in addition to what is already in stock at Prism. Not to mention, I've designed something major - hint: it's not poncho! I'll be debuting a brand new style that will be exclusive to Prism on Small Biz Saturday.

Also, other amazing independent designers will be there with their goods. Including, Skydog Jewelry, Yiyi Mendoza Ceramics and Urban Botanicals. See you guys there!




Dee of Swell Beauty and I have been wanting to work together on a fun project for a while. I was beyond excited to finally make it happen with her.

Typically, I don't fuss much with my hair and makeup. With my schedule there really isn't a lot of time for me to deal with it - I'm a lot more focused on getting out the door to work and create. Half the time I don't even wash my hair. So when Dee and I discussed what should be done as far as a tutorial, we both agreed it would make sense to do something that speaks to my personality and style. She went for a edgy-boho look with minimal 'fuss' with the makeup and for the hair she nailed it with a wild half topknot.

What I absolutely love about Dee is her incredible creativity. I've actually been lucky enough to work with her on a few projects now and have witnessed her take an idea and a mood, then turn it into reality. The vision that starts in my head and is conveyed to her, is brought to life. It blows me away every time. That's how talented she is.

Huge thanks to Shawna of Bleudog Fotography for taking these awesome stills. Stayed tuned for more of her photos of the entire look.

Get this look with the makeup products Dee used and check out Swell Beauty in Laguna Beach:

1. MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow on lids & MAC blackberry matte Eye Shadow in crease & under eyes

2. LauraMercier cream eye liner in Noir

3. Ardell False Lashes #108

4. Dior Addict- It Lash Mascara

5. Makeup Forever HD foundation

6. MAC Powder Blush in Peaches

7. MAC Eye Shadow Print in Waterline

8. TARTE Stain Stick in Awakening on Lips



Lately, I've been having so many various thoughts on my businesses and what it means to grow with them.

I'm learning to go with my gut on a lot of things. Recently, I've been presented with some opportunities for both Hanger Shortage and 16th Colony - as things grow and move faster, it's been really important to understand what my priorities are. There are precise plans and goals I have for both brands and I'm so in tune with what those are that I can feel when things start to get off track, even in the slightest. Which is why it's crucial to list out these priorities and the steps it takes to accomplish those specific endeavors. If something does not align within those steps, it's not worth the time and effort - because when you're running a business, there's never enough time in the day. Use it wisely.

When I started Hanger Shortage, I sought out to highlight truly talented people or businesses that I whole heartedly believe in. I've never wanted to create a bullshit site 'promoting' just anything and everything. Whenever I decide to post something on Hanger Shortage, it is very organic and meticulously hand-picked. I started realizing this priority thing and it's importance a lot more after doing a couple things that didn't necessarily align and sit right with me. These instances weren't actually a big deal at all, trust me, but to me I just didn't feel like what I was doing in these cases was any different than the 'next guy'. Like I said, I've always had a desire to create content that was special and totally 'me'. With 16th Colony, it's basically the same case. I created a brand with the mindset of it representing a certain mood and vibe. This has to remain constant and I've always been very conscious to remain true to myself, because that's what reflects into the brand.

I've started to dissect each opportunity or collaboration to see if it's a good fit. I visualize how it could end up going and consider whether it lies within my priorities. I rather do things that make sense for the businesses that I've created rather than hinder them by going against true character.



This Halloween was pretty mellow.

Since I've been back from Florida, it's basically been work nonstop. But I still wanted to channel in an eerie mood for the occasion. I opted in by adding in some electric blue hair chalk and topped it off with my current favorite piece from my line, 16th Colony. The Rumours Crop is the ultimate piece for a little mystery. A soft see-thru velvet burnout with an amazing bell-sleeve and fringe - it doesn't get much better. Check out more photos, here.

Hope you all had a spooky weekend.



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