It's that time of year again.

This month is the birthday of Hanger Shortage's blog and such a great excuse to go back and review all of the posts from the last year. I'm pretty sure that on the last blogiversary I mentioned how quickly time flies, but it honestly just continues to go faster and faster. I really enjoyed going through all the photos and picking out fun little snippets from the past year.

This past year has seen a lot - from all the posts, videos and profiles I've done for this site, to the progression of my line 16th Colony, as well as producing video content for other brands. I think something that I've learned, and I need to try to remember more often, that I can't be too hard on myself when I feel like I'm behind on blogging or a project. The goal is to always put out the best work and content possible and to never just use nonsense filler. I'm always going to make sure that all the things I apply myself toward are done to perfection.

Speaking of the fact I've been slightly absent recently, I have my reasons. I was lucky enough to take a little trip to Hawaii (which I'll get around to posting about soon) but since I've been back I've been literally working around the clock on the next 16th Colony collection. So I guess with that said, feel free to excuse my sporadic posts while I hide in my studio finishing up all the new designs for the next 3 weeks.

Anyway, I obviously love blogging and the fact that it gives me opportunities to collaborate with various people. Thanks to all of you that happen to stumble upon the blog every once in a while to check it all out.



I'd have to say the highlight of my latest San Fran trip was visiting the General Store - so I've decided to highlight them.

The overall aesthetic of this shop made me stay there for over an hour. I blame their extremely well curated shelves and tables for luring me in. It was full of pottery, jewelry, books, random art and vintage items.

I'm really into one-off types of things and so when I realized that all the pieces were created by local artisans, I had to look at every single item in detail.

The vintage jewelry was amazing. I wanted to take some home with me - it was hard to part from them. Luckily, I found out that there is a General Store location in Venice Beach. So, it's nice to know that when I need my vintage fix, I can mosey on over to that one.

I ended up walking away with a beautiful piece of pottery that I gave to my parents as a gift. I mean, they're pretty cool, so I guess they deserve it.

The other major aspect of this shop that kept me captive for so long was the amazing green house in the backyard. My weird obsession with green houses never fails - a billion photos had to be taken, of course.

So, I'm sure it's pretty clear that the next time you're in San Francisco you'll be stopping off at the General Store. Because after everything I just told you, how could you not?

Don't worry, if making that trip isn't in the near future then check out their site.



This never gets old.

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