My girl Bri Ellison just launched her new line of custom bridal jewelry this week.

She asked me to film a couple videos for her brand new website - these vids have been in the making for the last few months and I'm excited to finally get to share them with you.

You may remember the time I profiled Bri as a featured jewelry designer a couple years ago, here. Since then, I've been able to watch Bri grow so much from her original boutique store front at the OC Mart Mix, to then moving on and opening up her store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. During all this time, she's kept up on her designs even though running a store can be quite demanding. But since jewelry design has always been Bri's main passion, she decided to make it her one and only priority. I think Briana Rene Bridal redefines bridal jewelry, being that you can be a part of the design process and customize pieces for your special day. Check out her new site and maybe even watch the videos all over again on there too. :)



A new Hanger Shortage Style Vid is coming your way.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with photographer and babe, Jenavieve Belair. She has been on my radar for awhile and shoots such an awesome style for both fashion brands and weddings. Not only that, her personal style is rad and each piece has a legit story - not kidding.

Anyway, as I edit the video over the next few weeks, here are a few images from yesterday to hold you over until it's released.



I'm planning out my blog posts for the next couple of months.

As I'm thinking about this and jotting down who to include for the usual posts 'Designer/Shop Profiles' and 'Style Posts', I'm coming up with a few new ideas that I'm looking forward to trying out here. But I'm also really interested in what you guys want to see more of - so I'm opening up the forum and leaving it up to you to submit any questions or ideas you may have for me.

Quite literally, this could be about anything: fashion design, filming, blogging, life, etc. - so rack your brains and feel free to either comment on this blog post or email me at renee@hangershortage.com. In the near future, I'll be posting up some of these questions and answering them. If you want your submission to be posted anonymously, that's okay - don't trip, I won't include your name or anything.

Anyway, not everything in my world is black and white, but I'm willing to give all your questions/ideas a shot.

Dress - Alternative Apparel, Poncho - 16th Colony, Hat - Nasty Gal



This Spring 2014 campaign video was shot last Summer in Downtown LA.

In the fashion world, that's how these things work. Every season is designed and shot months in advance and in the meantime, until the collection is released, I keep the videos quiet. But now that Spring has sprung and Violet Love launched their new collection, I'm excited to share the lookbook video that I shot and directed.

I've shared videos that I worked on for Violet Love before on the blog - like the behind-the-scenes one here - and I have to say (again) that I absolutely love working with the designer, Rebecca Michaels on this stuff. She is a truly passionate person both in her business but also in life. She exudes this type of energy so easily and I feel like I can really understand her vision and brand message because of that. Enjoy the vid and check out her cool headbands and yogo gear, here.



Last weekend, I made my way up north to Central Coast Wine Country with some friends.

I was able to sneak away to explore. I love feeling wild and free and I always want to push the limits. I think such an important part of life is to always keep tabs on who it is that you are and not to let a busy life take over and have you simply going through the motions.

It's already May and honestly it's a bit overwhelming to me that this year is almost half way over - where did the time go? The best thing for me to do, at least at points like this, is to really take a step back for a minute and re-evaluate the goal and the overall plan. And like I said, to get back in touch and gain that strong understanding of yourself. Without that, the vision that you've set off after doesn't always come through as clearly.

Anyway, this Flynn Skye dress makes me feel like I can take on the world. And in case you were wondering, you can pick up this dream dress at Isla Boutique in Laguna Beach, along with many other magical, flowy Flynn Skye pieces.

Dress - Flynn Skye c/o Isla Boutique , Shoes - Anne Michelle, Ring - Alexander McQueen



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