Over the summer I profiled jewelry designer Briana Ellison.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that she has a boutique located at the OC Mart Mix called Briana Rene. Anyway, I went to visit her there recently. We caught up and chatted and she also showed me a few of her favorite pieces that she currently has stocked for the Winter.

I was really excited to see that the Black Sheep Olivia dress was showcased - I think it's safe to say that Bri and I both share a love for that brand. I'm actually wearing the lacy Star Gazer here and love it - which makes me want to get my hands on the Olivia dress too - badly.

Briana's creativity definitely translates well from her jewelry designs to the store set up - there's not only super cute pieces, but it's also curated really nicely. Speaking of the products she stocks, she had a story behind almost all the pieces there. For instance, these Saako scraves are handmade in Barcelona, where Bri studied abroad for awhile. She loved them so much that when she decided to open her boutique years later, she knew she wanted to showcase the scarves - Briana was actually the first American retailer to start carrying these. Since then, this brand has trickled into other stores in the US as well, but I thought that Briana being the first was really cool.

Briana Rene Studded Wrap Bracelets- Genuine leather with 14k gold-fill chain

Anyway, thanks to Bri for letting me barge in and snap a ton of photos at her store. If you want to see more, along with 5 top holiday picks from the Briana Rene Store take a gander at Locale Magazine's site and check out the post I wrote.

Love this DIY ladder light fixture that Briana made herself.

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