I've been slightly absent - but don't panic.

This month has been absolutely insane and a lot of things are happening at once. My schedule has been packed with so many different projects, while my mind is filled with what's next. Anyway, here's the deal - this is a quick little recap of events and I'm sure I'll get into half of them in more detail soon.

Earlier this month, I met up with Robbie and Marlana from the band Milo Greene in San Diego. If you haven't heard their self titled album yet then you really should. Trust me on this.

They're super talented and also incredibly humble and down to earth. Their performance at the Casbah was the last of their recent tour and hearing their stories about that and their appearance on Jay Leno just days earlier was pretty interesting.

I headed up to Downtown to check out Unique LA. I missed out on the one in the summer and didn't want to this time around. It was pretty cool - I saw a lot of the same jewelry designers and artists from similar types of events but Unique LA is definitely bigger so I discovered some other stuff as well.

This handmade and painted pottery was one of the things that really caught my eye - definitely really different and I personally liked the style a lot.

The weekend after that I was determined to be in two places at once - LA and San Diego. Mr. Kate launched her Spring/Summer collection in Venice Beach at the Altered Space Gallery so I browsed through that and chatted with Kate quickly. The new designs look awesome - she always does a great job with creating such cohesive collections.

Right after that it was off to the Locale Magazine event at the Hard Rock in San Diego where the new SD edition was launched. I've been writing for Locale for a couple months now and it's cool to see the magazine grow and expand to the San Diego area.

On 12.12.12 I was up in the Central Coast - even though things are busy, it's nice to take at least a couple days away from the computer.

More and more I've been getting into shooting stills/vids for fashion brands. Obviously, designing and creating is such a dream, but I love expanding my realm of creativity and venturing out to new aspects of that. Here are a couple behind the scenes photos from a recent shoot I did for a fashion brand - they brought in 70 tons of snow and penguins. Anyway, I'm working on the video edit now so maybe someday I'll let you check it out.

Goofing off at the shoot

If you're a real stalker you may have noticed that I've been hinting at the idea of something pretty exciting happening and if you stay tuned then you'll see what I've been up to and a huge chunk as to why I've been behind on my blog game. Again, more sneak peeks. Soak it up.

For years, since I've started designing, I've carried around a notebook for any 'on the fly inspiration'. A few years ago, I made it a personal requirement to carry a moleskine and this year I stepped it up and got the Daily Planner edition. It's sort of a tangible item that acts as a reminder that so much of what I've been working toward in the last year is coming into to place. Plus, now I'll be able to (hopefully) keep track of my life/deadlines a little more - there are extra pages in the back for quick sketches too. Best of both worlds.

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