November is a big month for me...

Of course, there's Thanksgiving and I always spend time back in Scottsdale with my family. My birthday rolls around in there mid-month and this year I ended up in Santa Barbara Wine Country. But also November marks a sort of sentimental anniversary - a year ago this month is when the idea of Hanger Shortage came about and the vision came to life. I was doing freelance fashion design work in Los Angeles and even though I was grateful, I also wanted more. I was designing 8 hours a day but I still came home with so much pent up creativity that needed to be let out.

I have a ton of long term goals that I want to accomplish, which I won't exactly get into right now, but the idea to meet with other creative entrepreneurial women and get inside their heads and closets sounded like the perfect start to it all. And I wanted everyone else who has an interest in these amazing influential designers and artists to see the depth of their creativity through fun personal videos. Last November I filmed the first two Hanger Shortage vids and in the midst of editing them both myself, I was simultaneously working on the Hanger Shortage branding/website and not to mention freelancing on top of it all. The schedule has been pretty hectic - I've got about 5 hours of sleep a night for the past year.

Looking back now, this has actually been the fastest year of my life, which is strange considering I was literally awake for most of it - you'd think that if you slept through it all, that's when it would go by quicker. But I actually don't mind that I didn't get my beauty rest - when you want something so bad and want to see your ideas come to life exactly how you've envisioned it, you need to be willing to put in the time - it's beyond rewarding.

I've had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people this year and I'm so thankful because they're what inspire me when it's 4am and I'm grumpy at my computer trying to do a million things at once. Thanks to everyone who takes a second to skim the blog and watch the vids. There's a lot coming up and I'm really excited to share it all.



Okay, so I'm definitely feelin' this outfit.

I wore this Black Sheep top when I was in Santa Barbara a few weekends ago for a shoot. It was hands down such a great pick because it's not only super cute, but also really easy to move around in while snapping photos. And when paired with leggings, even better. I love for my outfits to be comfortable while accessorizing them with something fun - i.e. this lovely braided wool hat.

On my way to my location, I came across this glorious vintage chair. Considering it was on the side of the road and I have no idea where it's been, I was probably a little too excited about it (I practically ran up to it). But it was free for the taking and I wanted it - badly. I mean it would be have been great in my studio. But apparently my car wasn't big enough - or so I was told. Oh well, at least I took advantage of it as a photo opp.

Anyway, thanks so much to Black Sheep Clothing - the top is seriously perfect.



Have you guys heard about Rebecca Michaels and her line? Because you should've.

It all started 6 years ago when Rebecca began designing fun headbands, under the name Violet Love. She was looking for a headband for herself that could be worn wide or narrow and to the gym or as a fashion piece. Unable to find something like that, she felt the need to fill the gap in the market. At this point, she was actually living on the East Coast and working as a Land Development Engineer - I know, crazy. However, Rebecca knew this wasn't her true passion and believed in herself and her brand enough to leave the 9 to 5 gig. After much dedication and some well deserved recognition, the headbands took off.

Since then, Rebecca has relocated to Los Angeles where Violet Love has continued to grow. After deciding that her headbands needed some company, Rebecca created a self titled new line of apparel and it's pretty amazing. Sticking true to her laid-back vibe, her line's focus is relaxed sportswear.

A couple weeks ago, I made my way to Downtown LA to check out Rebecca's workspace - which is any designers dream setup. Everything is right there at her finger tips. Her office is located inside a working factory where all of her designs are pattern-drafted, fabrics are printed and samples are sewn. She has the privilege to see all of her creations come to life right there on the spot.

Rebecca has such a genuine spirit about her - she is really down to earth. I enjoyed hearing her story about how everything has unfolded for her brand. She is also super generous - she took me to a back corner of the warehouse where her styles are stashed and offered up some pieces. The styles that she gave me are seriously so comfortable, but also cute and really flattering. The designs are well constructed and the fabrics incredibly soft. I highly recommend the Waihee Valley Jersey Knee Patch Pant - I've been living in mine for a few days straight (or maybe a week). To see her whole collection, visit rebeccamichaels.com



The new Hanger Shortage vid featuring Kate Albrecht, of Mr. Kate, is now up. This girl does it all - jewelry design, spunky DIY videos and interior design. The way Kate ties all of these things together is so cohesive - not to mention inspiring.

Kate and I want to give you something pretty and shiny. So for a shot a winning an 18K gold Gimli Cuff, go ahead and follow @mrkatedotcom and @hangershortage on Instagram and don't forget to fill out the contest entry form on Kate's style interview page.



Check it out - a couple weeks ago I was roaming Central Cali and made it a point to stop at the Adesso Atelier in Santa Barbara.

First of all this boutique is amazing - it's so well curated. The woman behind it all is jewelry designer Samantha Goldstone. She began designing for her line Adesso a few years ago and as has since grown into this beautiful storefront and workspace.

This vintage doorknocker is just one example of the attention to detail that is shown throughout their flagship store. It has been customized and adorned with matching jewels to resemble a ring that Samantha wears.

In addition to her own line of handmade women's and men's jewelry, Adesso also carries a great collection of curated gifts and crafts as well as vintage home decor items. Samantha handpicks all the items for the store on her various travels around the world - including places like Italy and Mexico City. From what I've seen, everything she comes back with is unique and visually inspiring and I basically wanted to take it all home with me. I really liked hearing the stories behind all of her great finds - that's always the best part about buying vintage pieces.

The Adesso workspace is in the back of shop and all of the accessories are handmade there by Samantha and her team. All of the collections are very well thought out and carefully put together based on a specific inspiration or theme. Samantha designs her pieces using a mixture of materials, like eco-leather and silk threads, then combines that with assorted vintage beads that she also gathers during her travels.

Samantha and I sat down and chatted for a while about the philosophy behind everything she is doing. It was really obvious to me that she has a true creative vision for the brand which is clearly utilized in such a cohesive way. Also, giving back and actively supporting charities is a large component of the Adesso culture which I think is pretty cool.

When I first saw the Adesso line at PROJECT, the jewelry stood out and was unique and different, but when I visited the store I really began to have a greater connection with the product and the brand story. The Adesso Atelier is honestly so well curated, decorated, and filled with amazing one-off artisan type pieces. When you step foot in this store you immediately get the sense that this brand sticks to their guns and is definitely one of a kind. There are so many little treasures hidden throughout the store, you should just be prepared to spend most of your day there.

Stop by and visit my girl Samantha - The Adesso Atelier is at: 1209 De La Vina Street, Santa Barbara, CA and also check them out at their site: adessoshop.com