Have you guys heard about Rebecca Michaels and her line? Because you should've.

It all started 6 years ago when Rebecca began designing fun headbands, under the name Violet Love. She was looking for a headband for herself that could be worn wide or narrow and to the gym or as a fashion piece. Unable to find something like that, she felt the need to fill the gap in the market. At this point, she was actually living on the East Coast and working as a Land Development Engineer - I know, crazy. However, Rebecca knew this wasn't her true passion and believed in herself and her brand enough to leave the 9 to 5 gig. After much dedication and some well deserved recognition, the headbands took off.

Since then, Rebecca has relocated to Los Angeles where Violet Love has continued to grow. After deciding that her headbands needed some company, Rebecca created a self titled new line of apparel and it's pretty amazing. Sticking true to her laid-back vibe, her line's focus is relaxed sportswear.

A couple weeks ago, I made my way to Downtown LA to check out Rebecca's workspace - which is any designers dream setup. Everything is right there at her finger tips. Her office is located inside a working factory where all of her designs are pattern-drafted, fabrics are printed and samples are sewn. She has the privilege to see all of her creations come to life right there on the spot.

Rebecca has such a genuine spirit about her - she is really down to earth. I enjoyed hearing her story about how everything has unfolded for her brand. She is also super generous - she took me to a back corner of the warehouse where her styles are stashed and offered up some pieces. The styles that she gave me are seriously so comfortable, but also cute and really flattering. The designs are well constructed and the fabrics incredibly soft. I highly recommend the Waihee Valley Jersey Knee Patch Pant - I've been living in mine for a few days straight (or maybe a week). To see her whole collection, visit rebeccamichaels.com

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