Soooo, I may have done a little shopping over the weekend.

There's this place in San Pedro called Crafted and that's where my cash disappeared. Anyway, it's actually a really cool warehouse that holds a bunch of artist booths selling things like jewelery, home decor, plants and art.

I really liked some of the set-ups and different ways that this stuff was displayed. It made me want to go thrifting and make a bunch of DIYs or something.

After wandering the 100 booths I picked up some art, succulents, and a few cookie cutters - including a dino cut out. Yeah, I know, I was excited too.

Outside there's this cool rustic vintage jeep turned flower planter - see, again more DIY ideas.

I obviously really enjoy places like this, where I can find something different and unique - and to me it's cool that it's a permanent set-up and open every weekend.



Last month, I was in Vegas for MAGIC/PROJECT soaking up the sun and fashion.

I cut together a little vid recap of the trip. In between pool time and gambling, I previewed a few collections like Willow and Clay, Lost for Her and Black Sheep. It wasn't all work - there was some play. It is Vegas after all. Anyway, check it out for yourself.



So, when I was up the Central Coast recently, I made a pit stop in Solvang.

I've actually never been, but it was on my list of places to go. Enough people have told me about it that I insisted that we stopped by so I go see it for myself. I mean, I had to see all of this Dutch architecture that was in the middle of CA.

A random vintage car show rolled through town.

It was just a quick stop but definitely fun. In just a short time I was able to do some window shopping, eat some fudge, check out some antiques and snap a few photos.

Pretty successful - although next time I want to spend time at one of the cute little wine cafes :)



I just launched the newest HSH vid with Rachel Anne Rainwater, the designer for Black Sheep Clothing and I'm pretty stoked about it. Rachel Anne has such a great story and personal style - love her shoes.

We also have a little contest in the works. We're giving away a Star Gazer dress and Clover Skirt - Like Black Sheep on Facebook and follow @hangershortage on Twitter and fill out the entry form on Rachel Anne's style interview page.

Good Luck Babes



Things have been pretty hectic - lots going on. All good of course, but when the opportunity to head up to the Central Coast came up, I was all about it.

I literally packed up just a tiny sling bag with a few pieces for the weekend. It felt good and carefree to just throw in a couple things that could all work together and that was it.

The Central Coast is so beautiful - the air is clean and the colors are almost more crisp. I felt happy and inspired just driving down the coast, windows down, music blasting. Even when things get really busy, you still need to find time to trigger creativity and let your mind be free.


More Central Coast photos later - XOXO