Soooo, I may have done a little shopping over the weekend.

There's this place in San Pedro called Crafted and that's where my cash disappeared. Anyway, it's actually a really cool warehouse that holds a bunch of artist booths selling things like jewelery, home decor, plants and art.

I really liked some of the set-ups and different ways that this stuff was displayed. It made me want to go thrifting and make a bunch of DIYs or something.

After wandering the 100 booths I picked up some art, succulents, and a few cookie cutters - including a dino cut out. Yeah, I know, I was excited too.

Outside there's this cool rustic vintage jeep turned flower planter - see, again more DIY ideas.

I obviously really enjoy places like this, where I can find something different and unique - and to me it's cool that it's a permanent set-up and open every weekend.

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