Last weekend I was out in the Arizona desert for a few days.

To be honest, I probably shouldn't be allowed to go back there and visit my family because my productivity level goes way down. But it's all good and actually really worth it. I love going back home. I didn't slack off completely - I mean, look the proof is in this blog post.

Anyway, I'm juggling some projects right now and really spending some time thinking about how to work smarter not harder. I'm excited to be working on some client videos along with some new Hanger Shortage stuff. But with all that said, I'm always wanting more of the things I really love doing. So, I'll continue to go after it - keep pushing. After all, everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Dress - c/o Lira Clothing, Shoes - Leila Stone



Recently, I've been hit up by a few different people and feel honored to be a part of their blogs. So, I thought I'd share a few of those links with you guys today.

Fashion Accelerator 360 is a site that offers a variety of online courses that focused mainly on fashion and are instructed by established industry experts. Their blog highlights other people in the industry and a few weeks ago they interviewed me and we discussed topics like work/life balance, 16th Colony, etc. Read the full interview here at FA360 Blog.

The 'OC Style Report' girls, Rachael and Natalie have an amazing site and highlight everything from local boutiques, designers and style looks and outfits together. The first time we all met up, we instantly clicked. These girls are really doing awesome things within the Orange County community. Anyway, browse the full article and interview, here on OCSR.

Sarah of 'Juggling in Heels' blog paid me a visit at my studio. We sipped coffee, chatted and she got a preview of the new Fall/Winter 2014 collection - and looked adorable in the pieces I might add. She snapped a few photos and wrote such a nice article on her blog - check it out.

Joellen from 'JoellenLove' blog recently rocked the 16th Colony Tucson poncho and nailed it. Such a babe - see how she styled it all together on her post here.



This project has been in the works for a while.

Shout PR is an Orange County based public relations company focusing on lifestyle and fashion brands. I've actually spent the last 10 months filming all the various parts of this film and then of course, editing it. From going to Vegas for PROJECT/ENK/MAGIC, blogger events they've hosted and spending time in their offices. Because the owner, Erika and her team are so genuine and take such initiative and care with their clients, I've really enjoyed working on this film.

I think the importance of videos right now is crucial - a simple 'About' page on a website sometimes isn't enough to separate yourself. They're just words on a screen compared to having true personality shown on film. You can get a much better feel for a person or a company. I'm really happy with how this video turned out for Shout PR. Hope you guys enjoy!



I've been meaning to share my experience at Pow Wow .

In February, I had the chance to head out to Oahu for a week for a little vacay, and to explore the art scene. Pow Wow is a really amazing event that is held once a year in the Kaka'ako district of Honolulu. Artists from Hawaii and around the world come together to create wall murals and art. It's a very organic and authentic event and about true artists creating, just for the sake for their passion. I love that it's really non-commercialized.

Kamea Hadar, an artist and one of the co-founders, has a family property where most of the artists are housed. His entire place was opened up to them, along with a few random houseboats that are scattered around the huge property in North Shore.

Anyway, at the end of the week, a big celebration party was held at this house. It was really great to meet a bunch of passionate and creative people and witness something so real. I really hope to make it out there year after year and watch Pow Wow Hawaii's growth.

Soon, I'll definitely post some photos from the actual wall murals. Here's a link to a video of Kamea if you're curious before then. - POW! WOW! HAWAII

If you're an art lover like me then I think you'll really appreciate the movement.





Who's excited for our first Flash Sale?

I want you guys to be ready for Festival Season and make sure you have a piece that is fun, different and stands out. So, go ahead and indulge in this amazing sale with 40% off all styles on the entire 16th Colony site. It only lasts until Sunday, April 6th and I'll be honest, some styles are super limited. Enter 'flash40' at checkout!



Whether you plan on going or not, the reality is that Coachella is approaching fast.

Festival season is not only an exciting time in terms of rocking out to music and frolicking around the grounds with your besties, but also a great excuse to channel your inner hippie. While the most sought after accessory is the ever so glamourous, all-access VIP wristband, I've hand selected 5 other Must-Haves for Festival Season. And if you won't be attending a show coming up, it's still okay to be inspired by the 'boho babe' look and start gearing up your Spring wardrobe.

A bit of fringe is definitely necessary and Lira's Dakota dress gives you just that in a fun and subtle way. Don't forget, it's super important to layer - those desert nights get a bit chilly and who doesn't like wearing a stylish 'blanket' in public? Definitely get your hands on a festival inspired poncho by 16th Colony and stand out from the crowd. Another must-have is a bit of jewelry that tells a story - Los Angeles accessories designer Monica Squitieri creates beautiful pieces that are inspired by tide pools, desert spires and valleys of gold. And as for the shoes, I chose something that's a cross between a bootie and a sandal from Lulus.com. Top off the whole look with a unique flower crown handcrafted by designer Sabreen Wilkes of Gardenhead - this will definitely bring out the free spirit in you.

1. Dress: Lira Clothing - Dakota Dress

2. Poncho: 16th Colony - Tucson Poncho

3. Flower Crown: Gardenhead - Goldie Crown

4. Rings: Monica Squitieri - Rincon Ring Trio

5. Leather Sandals: Lulu's.com - Report Signature Darian