Okay, so I'm definitely feelin' this outfit.

I wore this Black Sheep top when I was in Santa Barbara a few weekends ago for a shoot. It was hands down such a great pick because it's not only super cute, but also really easy to move around in while snapping photos. And when paired with leggings, even better. I love for my outfits to be comfortable while accessorizing them with something fun - i.e. this lovely braided wool hat.

On my way to my location, I came across this glorious vintage chair. Considering it was on the side of the road and I have no idea where it's been, I was probably a little too excited about it (I practically ran up to it). But it was free for the taking and I wanted it - badly. I mean it would be have been great in my studio. But apparently my car wasn't big enough - or so I was told. Oh well, at least I took advantage of it as a photo opp.

Anyway, thanks so much to Black Sheep Clothing - the top is seriously perfect.

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