I'm planning out my blog posts for the next couple of months.

As I'm thinking about this and jotting down who to include for the usual posts 'Designer/Shop Profiles' and 'Style Posts', I'm coming up with a few new ideas that I'm looking forward to trying out here. But I'm also really interested in what you guys want to see more of - so I'm opening up the forum and leaving it up to you to submit any questions or ideas you may have for me.

Quite literally, this could be about anything: fashion design, filming, blogging, life, etc. - so rack your brains and feel free to either comment on this blog post or email me at renee@hangershortage.com. In the near future, I'll be posting up some of these questions and answering them. If you want your submission to be posted anonymously, that's okay - don't trip, I won't include your name or anything.

Anyway, not everything in my world is black and white, but I'm willing to give all your questions/ideas a shot.

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