I'm constantly snapping photos everywhere I go.

It's really to the point where my friends give me curious looks and I'm yelling at my mom to not move the ice cream, because I've already positioned it perfectly (just kidding - I would never yell at my mom).

But seriously, I hold up the show a lot just because I want the pic. For me it actually kind of helps slow life down just a bit. I end up really appreciating the moment that I'm in. My life is too fast paced and busy as it is - I mean the months literally fly by and I have no idea how. So, anyway I've decided that since there are so many fun photos I don't share via twitter or instagram (I don't want to bombard you, geez) and I'd like to start posting the 'outtakes' from each month. Enjoy.

AZ Fourth of July

Modern Manor Art

Weekend Mornings

Alcazar - Palm Springs


Fabric Picking - L.A. Fashion District

Bottomless Mimosas

I really miss this

Sabor x Revok - Known Gallery

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