Whoa, I've been meaning to post these photos for the last week. Oops.

Anyway, on the way to Palm Springs I made a little detour to finally check out the Dinos in Cabazon. I spent my college years driving back and forth to Arizona super often to see my friends and family. Every time, I'd be on the 10 and would pass by these gigantic dinosaurs and think how fun it'd be to stop off.

This time it happened and the excitement of going to Palm Springs on a whim made it all that much better. The mood was light and it felt like vacation. I had the camera in my hand most of the trip and was inspired to capture the feeling.

I took this guy home. Had to.

More Palm Springs pics to come soon. Side note, a lot of my outfit was thrifted: the shorts, hat and sunnies. Although, the lace off the shoulder top was designed by yours truly.

Also, Kings of Leon was played a lot during the trip, so I found it only appropriate to post.

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