I really dropped the ball on this one.

Chicago slipped my mind and I forgot to post some of my fave images from the trip. Back in May a bunch of friends and I headed to the Midwest for a little Memorial Day Weekend fun in Wisconsin and Chicago.

Sadly, I don't really have any photos from the lake in Wisconsin. I think it's because I was truly present while I was there. Growing up as a kid my family and I would take trips to the lake for summer vacation and it was always so peaceful and serene. I experienced that all over again while staying at a friends cabin on Cedar Lake. We spent our days there BBQing and boating. I spent as much time on that boat as possible and by the end of it I didn't want to leave.

Although, it wasn't too terrible to be pulled away to go to Chicago afterward. It was my second time in the Windy City and it had been about 15 years. So this time around I really had a strong appreciation for the city and what it has to offer. It's super clean, there's great shopping and restaurants AND boat tours. I really loved the boat tour.

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