So while we were out in Vegas for Magic we went to the Puma Motorsport After Party.

It was in a pretty cool little venue, just off the strip in a car tuning garage. The venue fit into Puma's Motorsport theme and also made for a nice, intimate setting.

When we got there Diplo had already started things off. I hadn't really heard of him before, but when I heard his sound I instantly thought his stuff would be perfect to listen to while working away on the computer late at night. (Plus I love the little brontosaurus that he brands on all his stuff.)

Anyway after Diplo, I was really excited because Santigold came out and performed. I've been a fan for a few years so to see her live was pretty cool especially in such a private venue.

Her set was super entertaining - for the last song she invited people up to the stage to dance. She seemed pretty chill and was having fun with the whole thing.

Anyway, very cool night in Vegas. Thanks to John and Victor from The ID Agency.

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