Every first Sunday of the month Groves Antique Market is at the Great Park in Orange County.

I went for the first time this month and loved it. There are seriously so many things that I wanted (and I had a feeling, which is why I left my purse in the car). Vintage heaven - there was everything from jewelry to furniture and decor. All different price ranges too, which was pretty cool.

Ongoing search for the perfect locket

I was literally drawn to this booth in particular - it really spoke it me. Super well curated and some really great pieces. Anyway, it's run by this cute mother/daughter team and called 'Liz & Me' - check it out if you go.

Next time, I'm going to grab an antler or two. I'm pretty much convinced that it's a must.

Admittedly, I went back to the car so I could snag a few of these antique bottles. They were only $3 each though, so don't judge. Geez.

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