Shout PR invited me to their OC Blogger event last week - pretty exciting.

It was held at the OC Mart Mix which was the perfect venue. I had a ton of fun chatting, crafting and drinking wine with other local bloggers - all of whom were very cute and fashionable of course.

Shout PR did a great job hosting the event. There were some awesome giveaways. I scored this super cute mint purse from Lulu's. I also really liked this outfit from Lost, which was paired with some lacy white shorts.

I actually hadn't been to the OC Mart before. It was pretty cool though, there's little boutiques, cafes and a wine bar inside. I'm coming back for sure - Girl's Night... who's in?

So yeah, cool event and killer gift bag. Special thanks to Erika at Shout PR.

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  1. This was such a fun event! I don't think I got to say hello to you...or tell you how fabulous you looked and jealous I am of your long, beautiful hair<3