I was over at The Condor's Nest Ranch in Pala a couple weeks ago.

The Condor's Nest is a great venue nestled in the hills of North San Diego County that holds a lot of events and weddings. I had the chance to walk around the property and take few photos.

I have this thing for vintage trailers and Airstreams, when I spotted this one I was super excited. I love the blue picket fence around it with the rustic planters.

This place is a huge estate. Not only is there an awesome ranch house, mini casitas and a vintage trailer, but there's also a barn with all these farm animals running around.

I'm pretty sure my favorite part was this little greenhouse. I took my time in there snapping tons of photos - it was so peaceful and there were a lot of random interesting antique decor pieces.

Anyway, it was really my ideal day - California sunshine + mini photoshoot.

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