My Trunk Show was 3 weeks ago and I have no idea where the time has gone but I've been wanting to share a few photos and thoughts.

I teamed up with Bri the lovely owner of Briana Rene Store and hosted a little shindig for the showing of my first collection. I was extremely happy with the event. I had every last detail in place and as it started to come together just an hour before the show I could clearly see my vision and brand come to life. It wasn't just all in my head anymore and I realized that everything about it was so 'me'. Creating my brand from scratch, I really wanted to just let loose and just let it be - I"m not sure if that really makes sense but for me it means just trusting in myself and what my taste, style and interests are. All of these things combined have been more clear than ever and translated into what 16th Colony is and will continue to be. I'm so grateful to have the creative freedom to do what it is that I love because what comes out of it is so real and rewarding.

Briana and I

As for the event, it was so much fun and I'm so happy that my friends and family were there along with people that I've met during this process that have been super supportive - and not to mention some of you that follow my blog! Thanks for stopping by, grabbing a drink and checking out the ponchos. I really appreciate all the great feedback and I'm also now completely sold out of the Agate.

So I guess that means that I should release the Summer collection soon - who's ready?

Chattin it up with Beatrice and Erika

Blogger love with Kimberly and Stacey

The Talc Poncho

Jodi Carpenter looking babely in her Black Onyx

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