This one's for all you vintage lovers out there.

I too, really enjoy a good vintage piece. The only thing is, unlike some people, I don't necessarily have the patience to sift through a ton of things jam packed on a rack. Regardless of that I still find myself having an intense desire to pop into vintage shops.

I found Fly Boutique in Miami during my trip to Florida. It was full of stuff - really good items too, like Missoni and Dior. They even had some really awesome antique furniture. Personally, I think I'm mostly drawn to vintage furnishings. I have a few pieces of my own that I am so glad I didn't walk away from.

After chatting with the guy running the shop that day, I learned that they've been in business for about 15 years. 13 years in one location until they had an unfortunate fire in the building. That didn't stop them from reopening again just around the corner along with a second one shortly after that, located in the MIMO District.

If you're in any other state (or country for that matter) other than Florida and mad at me for bringing this cool boutique to your attention because you really, really want to check it out, then don't be mad at me anymore. You can scope their stuff online too - Fly Boutique.

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