I felt so much excitement driving up the gravel road to the pumpkin patch over the weekend.

This Halloween I plan to carve out a pumpkin (of course), so naturally I needed to search one out. I didn't realize the pumpkin patch I was going to was so large with such an abundant amount of beautifully misshaped orange fruit. I felt like a kid all over again.

We're well aware of the fact that California doesn't have typical seasons - in fact, I always have to consciously remind myself that it doesn't get chilly until at least mid November. I have to remember that it's still hot in October, when I'm so impatiently waiting for it to be cold. But driving up to that pumpkin patch and running around freely in my poncho gave me the Fall feeling I was anticipating.

Poncho, 16th Colony - Leather Pants, Zara - Hat, Urban Outfitters

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