I found it appropriate to apply a vintage looking tint to this set of photos.

Considering it's been about 3 months since they were taken back during my trip to Miami. Which I guess means I'm about 3 months behind on the blog game. Needless to say, things have been the usual crazy, hectic. Lately, my main focus has been on my work, art and creating. I'm really looking forward to getting up some of the posts that I've had under wraps for the last few months.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse these South Beach flicks. I already posted a lovely outfit featuring Junim from when I was in Orlando. After a few days there it was decided that 36 hours in Miami was in order. So I stayed one quick night at The Betsy Hotel - which was by far one of the coolest boutique hotels I've stayed at. After arrival it was brunch on the patio followed by a bit of quality beach time.

The next day, it was all about checking out the colorful life guard towers and then of course the Wynwood Walls. The Wynwood Walls Kitchen + Bar is a reoccurring spot whenever I'm in Miami. Sangria + chips and guac - yes, please.

Anyway, there you have it. Sorry I've been holding out on you for so long. More to come pretty soon.

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