In case you were wondering what I was filming out in Hawaii a couple weeks ago, here it is.

A lot of projects went down while I was out there, but the main focus of the trip was to film the happenings of Pow! Wow! Hawaii. Knockaround sunglasses is a sponsor for the week long event and so we put together this recap vid for them. It was great working with the guys at Knockaround on this.

Being that this was my second time back at Pow! Wow! I was even more excited knowing what I was in for. The culture of the whole thing is really amazing and pretty much unlike anything else. There's a real sense of camaraderie, not to mention a ton of incredibly talented/creative people.

To witness all of the artists in action is an awesome experience but if I had to pick a couple favorites it'd be Kevin Lyons and James Jean.

Kevin Lyons mural on a 60ft wall inside a warehouse

James Jean mural at Honolulu Museum of Art

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