Australia - Part Two.

Previously I recapped Melbourne and today it's all about Sydney. Australia has been number one on my travel list for a really long time. I think it all started when I was just 12 years old and began scuba diving - shortly after I learned about the Great Barrier Reef and knew that I had to get there someday. Even though I didn't make it up to that part of the country this time, there were plenty of other reasons why going Down Under was a top priority - I'll get to scuba or snorkel there at some point for sure. Anyway, I've also just been really intrigued by the culture and the style/fashion that comes out of there. Plus, who doesn't love koalas?

The first day in Sydney it started to pour down rain as we happened to be by the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was already on my list of things to do, so naturally this was the perfect event during an afternoon rainstorm.

Another thing that I wanted to hit up was the Rocks Market. I'm already really into going to random sidewalk sales and flee markets here in the US, so I wanted to see what this was all about. I liked the fact that artists of all types were lined up in their booths right there in the middle of the city. There were food vendors and people just strolling along. It had a really good vibe to it.

Bondi Beach was another really awesome place to see. I had seen photos of the Iceberg Swimming Club and wanted to check it out in person. Bondi also had some really great shopping. Since it was going into Fall there, the whole place was pretty much like a ghost town. But I kinda liked that gloomy, dark feeling that cast over the beach.

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