Last Friday I spent the afternoon roaming the aisles of Agenda in Long Beach.

I was actually there way longer than expected - there were a bunch of people there that I ran into and it's fun to stop by a booth of a new brand that I've only heard of and meet the people behind it and hear a little about their story.

I think there is a bit of a misconception that Agenda is dominated by men's brands only, however women's brands play just as much and I think it's starting to level out. There were some great brands that attended showing their women's collection.

Insight not only had some cool apparel pieces, but also a few pretty rad candles as well.

Another brand, Shown To Scale, caught my eye showing some provocative yet wearable pieces. The owner, Silke, is from New York originally and after working at Marc Jacobs decided on a whim to take over a boutique space. From there she quickly learned how to design and sew and put together a collection that speaks to the girls out there who aren't afraid to stand apart from the rest.

And of course Roxy was there with a cool booth set-up and pieces that made me wish it was April already. Is it time to go to the beach yet?

A lot of you may know the girls behind Stone Cold Fox by now and I hope you've seen the collab they did with Wonderland Sun. I love seeing two equally amazing brands joining together in creativity. The sunglasses are super cute on too.

For a while now, I've been wanting to check out what Port is doing with their store in Long Beach. I finally met a couple of the guys behind that and also checked out one of the brands they carry, Broken Homme. Their boot line is 100% American made. I love the classic silhouettes and also the strong sense of branding - really well done.

These fashion trade shows never really feel redundant to me - not in a bad way any way. Because they happen twice a year there are of course traditions that are made, but they're special and memorable. It's that combined with the same faces and brands that I continue to see and new ones that I seek out that make me look forward to it each season.

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