In the midst of launching 16th Colony I couldn't wait to get the ponchos out and about.

I met up with a few stylish girls to show them firsthand what the brand is all about. To me it was really important to get the ponchos in front of people who knew and appreciated luxurious handmade goods. This way they could see the craftsmanship, feel the yummy fabrics and experience how addicting it is to throw one on and go.

I met up with my lovely friend Kate Albrecht, the mastermind behind Mr. Kate, and chatted with her about her awesome new Spring/Summer collection and also had her try on a few of my 16C pieces. She looked amazing in all of them - I personally loved the Agate on her since she looks great in vibrant colors so I'm happy that it found a new home in her closet.

16TH COLONY : SHOW THE GOODS : MR. KATE from Hanger Shortage on Vimeo.

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