As soon March hits and the weather starts to warm up I'm itching to get out and about.

I've been hiding out and working on some projects along with my brand and had seriously forgotten the last time I had a day off. I mean a real day off. So naturally when I heard that there was an exhibit at Prism Gallery featuring Mario Testino's work, I used that as an excuse to pull away from all my obligations.

Being that Testino is one of the world's most influential photographers for the fashion industry I was really interested in checking out his work in person. You may know of him through some of the shoots he did for Vogue and Vanity Fair and his ad campaigns for Valentino, Gucci, Burberry and Versace.

A lot of the photos on display were maybe in some people's opinion provocative, although I found a lot of artistic beauty in them. I loved how some of the women modeled and the way their bodies were posed. I always find that the strange creative photography inspires me a lot, so in a way the 'day off' did some good and boosted my spirit a bit. You can't stay cooped up in your work - you definitely gotta get out and experience things a bit and get excited again.

Since the gallery was in LA, I of course loitered around for a while - did some browsing around on Melrose and grabbed some food and sangria (duh) at Tart. It was definitely a good little outing. I've been back on the grind since but as soon as our lovely Pacific Ocean warms up you'll be able to find me along the coast enjoying the weather and escaping from work again.

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