Yesterday, I was whisked away to San Juan Capistrano for the afternoon.

Even though I live so close, I've actually never been. So it was really great to get out and do some exploring - it's nice to pretend like you're on a mini vacay.

Outfit details you ask? Denim vest - Lost for her. Dress - total random find in Downtown LA. Cut out sandals from Sosie. And of course, one of my most favorite rings ever the 'Buried Treasure Ring' by the lovely Mr. Kate.

I'm obsessed with this mailbox.

The Downtown San Juan Capistrano area is super cute and filled with various antique shops, restaurants, and ice cream parlors (yum). But a lot of the unique places were actually kind of hidden on the west side of the train track in a lush area of trees/cacti/rose bushes. Perfect spot for whipping out the camera.

Anyway, I'm glad Summer is finally here - I'm pretty sure it's my fave season to dress for.

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