Happy first day of Summer - the new 16th Colony collection is here!

The shoot was a few weeks ago at Victoria Beach in Laguna. I discovered this hidden gem of a place a few months back when I was doing a shoot for Locale Magazine. At that moment, I knew that it'd be the perfect spot for the Summer Ponchos to come to life. From that time until the shoot as I would sketch out the designs and sew each of the samples, the story was feeding into my imagination. So once the shoot rolled around I was ready and each shot was specifically planned out according to this vision.

Having the beach tent was crucial - so when I went back to AZ last month I put my dad to work and had him help me assemble this from scratch. You know, just DIYing and stuff, no big deal. Anyway, seriously it was pretty easy. Grab a few of poplar dowels, some of those wood moulding things, crochet fabric and then drill a few holes and you're all set.

The inspiration for the Dreamweaver collection was inspired by soft delicate fabrics and trims with a vintage aesthetic. To me it's all sort of moody too. There's a defining freedom that lives in this collection.

I always say that I love a good lookbook but a video lookbook expresses the intensity of a collection's story and mood even more so. Needless to say, I'm working on an edit for the Dreamweaver collection. I'll let you know when it's done. Until then, if you're interested you can check out more of the photos on the 16th Colony site.

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