So you guys are aware that I make these Hanger Shortage vids but maybe you didn't know that I also shoot for Fashion brands.

I started the Hanger Shortage Style Videos as a fun creative outlet. It's allowed me to meet so many great ambitious people along the way - even people behind the scenes that aren't necessarily in the videos. Then it lead me to start thinking about other short web vids that I wanted to produce for the site, like the Season Looks videos where I share my favorite outfits and the short Lumi vid where I sewed up a knit top from scratch and used Inkodye to stencil on a tribal pattern I designed.

Eventually, fashion brands and PR companies began to approach me about producing web video content for them as well. At that point, Blythe Films was born and I've been creating behind-the-scenes and 'video lookbooks' for several brands for the past few months now. Anyway, I've been waiting a while to start sharing all the vids with you guys - since they're all produced months in advance for the upcoming fashion seasons.

So, here's a look at the behind-the-scenes for the Willow & Clay Fall 2013 photoshoot - make sure to play it in HD. I love this line and it was great to work on set with their team and Shout PR. Definitely excited about their Fall Collection - so many awesome styles.

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