When I was showing my line at LA Market last month I had the chance to meet the lovely girls behind Ceek Jewelry.

Immediately, I was so drawn to the collection - their pieces are truly different and creative. Esther and Carter are based here in Orange County and have been designing the line for about 3 years. It definitely embodies a type of Southwestern boho vibe but also with a unique twist. After chatting with the girls, I realized they are pretty methodical about the design process. I loved hearing how meticulous they are about everything and the stories behind their pieces. They've done some cool stuff like taking vintage objects as inspiration and creating their own molds to design original pieces from them.

I feel like so many brands are making things that are all the same so it was inspiring to talk to the Ceek girls about how they are dedicated to creating totally original pieces that are made here in California. They chose to produce their line locally so that they can oversee every detail throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that everything comes out as they've envisioned it. When it comes down to it, I think it's this special attention to detail that draws me to brands like Ceek.

I can't wait to bug them about letting me use some of their pieces for my upcoming 16th Colony Fall shoot. I think the jewelery will fit in perfectly with some of the new ponchos.

Anyway, when you go on your next crazy internet shopping spree make sure to keep Ceek in mind and check out their site.

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