After being in Hawaii for a week, I headed straight to Vegas for ENK.

I landed in LAX at 6AM and got to Sin City by dinner time. Pretty much a whirlwind schedule. Anyway, here are a few flicks from the trip.

Since I only made it to the show for one day, I stuck with scouting out just ENK and POOL. Lots of great stuff obviously, plus I really loved the set-up for ENK. The 'Oasis' spots were decorated so perfectly - such a nice touch.

At Pool, I scoured through all the booths and found a few really great brands. I definitely loved checking out Son of a Sailor - they had some pretty unique jewelry. Also, 'Hello, Friend' and Jakimac stood out from the crowd as well.

I always enjoy checking out the curation of art on display at Pool too.

And finally, what's Vegas without a night out in a fancy dress? I whipped up this polka dot number a few months back.

Anyway, the whole trip was quick but super fun and I'm glad I didn't miss the opportunity to roam the upcoming collections.

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