Hanauma Bay

Oh hey, it's good to be back. To the blogging game that is, not Hawaii, I actually wouldn't mind being in Hawaii right about now.

Anyway, there was a fair warning that I'd be absent as I finished up the latest 16th Colony collection. The last few weeks I've been stuck in a time warp. It's been seriously hectic and full of sleepless nights but thankfully it all turned out really great. I'm happy with the end product, the photoshoot and the way LA Market played out. Can't wait to show all of you.

In the middle of all of this, I was actually really lucky to hang out in Oahu for a week. I left everything behind and did some major relaxing and was extremely present while enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer.

One of the days, I went snorkeling in this very secluded bay tucked away from the city and main beaches. It's called Hanauma Bay and I can only describe it as 'magical'. It was such a breathtaking and serene place.

It rained a lot while I was there. I probably didn't get out to the sandy beaches as much as I had imagined but it actually worked out for the best. One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching the rain fall down from my hotel balcony. It was a real simple, peaceful afternoon. I sat there until the sun had vanished from behind the clouds and darkness fell all while in the distance, a live band starting playing into the night.

Top, designed by yours truly - Shorts, beach town find

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