Hey, hey. I know that usually I do a post the first of each month with 'Iphone Only Photos', but this time I decided to give an entire briefing of the month of July since things have been crazier than ever. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to blog everything in individual posts.

But I'm going to fill you in - so, here goes. The new 16th Colony collection, Mystic Spirit, is releasing in just a few days. I've been working on all the finishing touches to this - cutting, making sure production is in place, tagging garments, you name it.

The new Rumours Poncho

We're also going to be carried in more stores! The growth of 16C is really amping up, which means I'm constantly figuring out ways to keep up with that and it's been super exciting.

Fox and Moon, Long Beach

Also, 16th Colony will be showing at Unique LA again this Summer. This time it's held Downtown Los Angeles and I'll be sharing a booth with my girl Bri, designer of Briana Rene. It's coming up next weekend, so if you're in the area come by, check it out and say hi.

I've been taking a lot of meetings, and luckily at some pretty awesome spots. Anyway, it's been for everything from production, collaborations to client meetings. All during a month of banning coffee. Yikes.

Gypsy Den, Costa Mesa

Urth Cafe, East LA

Lemonade, Venice Beach

Then, of course I hit up Agenda as usual but I also attended a really great event for Entrepreneurial Women, which was hosted by General Assembly and No Subject located at One Santa Fe in LA. It was basically a panel of women who are kicking ass at their businesses and they shared their stories.

Agenda, Long Beach - Duh

Women In Business Event

Oh yeah, and I also had the honor of guest speaking at Saddleback College. I was invited to talk about my journey and how I starated 16th Colony from the ground up. I basically hit topics and points that have inspired me along the way and have kept me moving forward. It was really great to be able to share some of those experiences with students.

In fact, I'm actually really excited because I'll be doing some more guest speaking later this month in Las Vegas. But I'll get more into that later - stay tuned.

I spent a lot of time filming last month for clients like Willow & Clay and Search for Sanity. One of the locations was out in Joshua Tree, which I'm absolutely in love with. Anyway, I'll share the vids once they're released.

I snuck in an extra mini photoshoot for 16th Colony as well...

PS - This is what it looks like when you're short and stand in for your model to get a test shot.

I also made a solo road trip out to Arizona for a few days to visit my family and, of course, my best friend. While I was there, I was really crossing my fingers for a major Monsoon and it happened. It was such a crazy, incredible storm. I sat out on the back patio for a while playing with slow exposure on my camera and hoping for a shot of lightening.

Got it.

Chillin' in a beautiful Flynn Skye top.

Okay and finally, I've also been filming a bunch for Hanger Shortage as well - so get ready. I shot Style Interviews with Haley Solar, the designer of Junim and with Amber Farr, designer of Flynn Skye. They're both such talented women and I'm looking forward to launching those videos within the next couple months. I also shot a little behind-the-scenes video for OC Style Report, which I'll have on the blog sometime soon.

On location at the Junim Design Studio.

On location at Amber Farr's home.

Filming a photoshoot with the girls of OC Style Report.

Anyway, now you're in the know and I'll keep it that way by posting more soon.

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