I finally returned from my week long stint in Las Vegas.

I went out for a portion of the week as a guest speaker for Stitch Factory - definitely more on that experience later. And the last part of the week was spent filming the behind-the-scenes set up with ENK Women's.

The weeks leading up to this have been absolutely insane. I mean, it's blowing my mind how much things are ramping up and how many things there are to take care of. I finished shipping out 16th Colony orders to stockists, edited a client video, along with prepping for the Vegas week and wrapping up my speech/presentation.

Unfortunately, I did get a little under the weather for a couple days. I'm realizing that 6 weeks of very, very little sleep catches up. So I'm becoming really fond of those green juice drinks to stay on top of being healthy. My new obsession for sure.

On a high note, I found time in last week's schedule to wear pretty Flynn Skye dresses and frolic around town and the rooftop of the Ogden where I was staying.

Coming up next, I'll fill you in on all the deets of the trip.

Dress - Flynn Skye

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