When I was up north in San Fran I made it over to the California Academy of Sciences.

This place is pretty rad. There are a ton of things to check out. I mean, I'm pretty sure I didn't even see half of it - I later found out that there's an earthquake exhibit, which would have been awesome considering I have an odd obsession with quakes. But anyway, I did manage to see the Rainforest and Aquarium exhibits along with the infamous living roof.

There were so many colors, textures and patterns that caused my mind to start racing with various ideas for designs. I especially love the colors of these jellyfish and the coral reef. The whole place was filled with random inspiration.

Recently, I've been really inspired by fossils and their shapes, so naturally I was drawn to some of these skulls and dino bones.

As for the living roof, it was pretty awesome and such a creative idea to have the majority of the rooftop covered in plants and wildflowers. Would be a cool place for a photoshoot.

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