So, recently I headed back out to the Midwest for a little vacay in the Ozarks.

While I was out there I made sure to check out Red Velvet Boutique which is owned by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess blog. It was located on a really cool street in Springfield, MO that almost looked like it was set back in time and the shop was way bigger than I expected. It was full of vintage dresses and accessories, antique furnishings, and the Red Velvet dress collection.

Elsie obviously does a really great job with her site, A Beautiful Mess, but I was really interested in learning a little more about her own dress collection.

She originally started Red Velvet as just a small arts and accessories shop, even though later she realized she wanted to design a dress line. At the time, the focus was really set on growing the boutique and Elsie began buying vintage pieces. As the shop progressed and after months of ideas and sketches piling up, she pulled the trigger and put everything in motion for her collection. It's a real example of having an idea in mind, putting it out there and having it come to life. Anyway, you can read her full story here.

In addition to everything else, there was a Sweet Shoppe - like I said this place was pretty huge. Cupcakes, old fashioned sodas and candy. Yum. I seriously love the way this was set up, the color combos are really visually inspiring.

Anyway, I had a good time and really enjoyed spending time looking at every little detail. Definitely make the stop in there if you're ever in that neighborhood. Also, shout out to Elsie and Emma for allowing me to stop in and snap a few photos.

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